Hempel Paints (Bahrain) W.L.L. have for the past 25 years been major suppliers of Marine Coatings in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our product assortment, manufactured at our factory in Mina Salman Industrial Area includes high quality Antifoulings, Ballast Tank coatings, Cargo Hold coatings, Cargo Tank coatings and a wide range of coatings for superstructures, Engine rooms, Decks, etc.
Our clients include
Bahrain Royal Naval Force
ASRY     (Arab Ship building and Repair Yard)
BASREC (Bahrain Ship Repairing and Engineering Company)
BAPCO   (Bahrain Petroleum Company)
NASS Group of Companies

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company


HEMPEL's Technical Service

HEMPEL's Technical Service provides extensive technical advice related to antifouling specifications, including presale recommendations, attendance of coating adviser teams on site, technical documentation, and operation of HEMPEL's comprehensive database. Technical policies, principles and procedures are worked out by experts in the Technical Service Centre in.

HEMPEL's antifoulings are designed with alternate polishing rates which are utilized in HEMPEL's unique ability to tailor make antifouling systems for optimum performance and economy.
The nominal polishing rate is determined by the paint formulation, whereas the practical polishing rate will depend on a number of operational factors, such as the speed, activity level and trading waters of the ship, which influence the chemical and mechanical processes involved.
All these operational factors vary from ship to ship, and it is therefore important to tailor antifouling specifications to fit exactly the requirements of each individual vessel. HEMPEL's long experience with the polishing behaviour of the different types of antifoulings has been translated into mathematical models and programmed for a personal computer.


HEMPEL's database receives input from HEMPEL's extensive reporting system where all relevant coating details relating to a new building project or a dry docking operation are recorded and stored for future reference.

HEMPEL's Technical Service offers presale advice to the owner to allow him to obtain the full benefit of tailormade coating systems which meet all the protection requirements of his vessels.
Coating jobs at drydockings and in connection with new buildings are attended by HEMPEL's specially trained Frosio Certified who assist in planning, give advice, and take care of monitoring and quality control. They are the customer's assurance that the quality products from HEMPEL are applied in such a way that they provide optimal performance.
HEMPEL's Technical Service issues the technical data sheets containing a wealth of detailed information on the products as well as on their practical use. The data sheets are thus important tools for specifiers and applicators.
HEMPEL's Technical Service also issues a wide range of technical documentation material comprising practical working procedures, training manuals, technical reference books and recommended painting specifications.

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